Euroregion history


 The idea to establish Euroregion «Neman» with the association of regions from Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and Russia has been originated from historical, geographical, social and economic conditions.

The foundation of cooperation were laid in the European Framework Convention on border cooperation signed on May 21, 1980 in Madrid which was the basis for further development of border cooperation between regions of adjacent States.

To organize such a cooperation Grodno region Executive Committee signed the Agreement on creation of the cross-border Union – Euroregion «Neman» on June 6, 1997 in Awgustow (Poland). The Union was joined by Grodno region (Belarus), Suwalki voivodeship (Poland), Alitus and Mariampole provinces (Lthuania).

In 1999 the Euroregion «Neman» was joined by Podlaskie voivodship (Poland) in the result of the Polish administrative reform, and by Vilnius province (Lithuania) upon proposal of the Lithuanian party.

On September 29, 1999 the foundation for the interregional cooperation was laid on the basis of mutual local agreements with Bialystok voivodship (Poland) on June 5, 1995; Suwalki voivodship (Poland) on February 8, 1995; Olshtyn voivodship (Poland) on October 26, 1995; Kaliningrad region (Russia) on March 14, 1996; Vilnius province (Lithuania) on September 29, 1999.

Since 2002 the Eororegion «Neman» has united the following Russian regions – Chernyachovsky, Ozersky, Gusevsky and Nesterovsky districts of the Kaliningrad region.

Grodno Region Executive Committee and the councils of bordering regions of Poland, Lithuania and Russia are developing cooperation within the Euroregion «Neman».

The most popular project implemented with the Belarusian party is the annual Exhibition and Fair «Euroregion «Neman». The aim of the exhibition is to intensify cooperation between business entities of Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and Russia, sign agreements, present and sell consumer goods.

It’s a traditional and relevant way of developing cooperation within Euroregion «Neman». The idea to gather under the roof of the Exhibition and Fair «Euroregion «Neman» the products from the neighboring countries arouse in Grodno 16 years ago. Each year the exhibition expands its display sites. Last year more than 150 companies took part in the event demonstrating a wide range of products – from agricultural machinery to high-tech equipment.

To give a new impulse to border cooperation seven years ago it was decided to hold an International Investment Forum within the Exhibition and Fair. Last year more than 200 representatives of business circles, diplomatic corps, district and city authorities from 6 countries participated in the Forum. It’s another opportunity to attract best prospects and outline new perspectives of further development of good neighborly relations. Besides we offer foreign manufacturers to ipmlement their ideas on our land.

The expanded geography of the exhibitors shows the growing popularity of the Euroregion «Neman» and the intention to find new partners for joint action.